Well hello there! Nice to meet you.

I am Victoria aka Dizzy Miss James 

I am a full time Designer and Blogger from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England. I spend most of my days in my studio, my happy place more than often accompanied by one of my favourite movies a 80's classic/horror or sci-fi and a large cup of tea.

A few years ago my life took a challenging and unusual turn when I became ill with a balance disorder called  Uncompensated Labryinthits. This meant I felt severe dizziness and unbalance all of the time and struggled to focus on everyday tasks I previously took for granted. Unfortunately I had to give up my job and put on hold my aspirations of being an artist to concentrate on my health. 

I was in recovery for many years and during that time I began making and creating fun and quirky products. I wanted to create something to make me smile and forget about illness. I changed the why I worked from detailed and intricate to simple and bold. It was the only thing that my cloudy head and fatigued body could deal with at the time. Once I got a handle on my health I decided to start selling my products online and Dizzy Miss James was born!

You can read more about my story of living with chronic illness here.

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